Syngap Global Network


Act locally Connect Globally

Who we are

Syngap Global Network is a collaboration between organizations and parents representing the Syngap community in their country.
We have come together to drive the global unification of Syngap related efforts and initiatives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to coordinate our efforts globally in turn creating strong local communities for our families. As a result Syngap families will feel less isolated having the resources they need to help their children the best they can.


With just a little over 700 diagnosed patients in the world it is critical that

we coordinate our efforts and spread awareness.


Our Goals


Provide a central place with information on each country’s efforts related to Syngap Awareness and Research and key contact information.

Coordinate our education and awareness efforts at the global level.

Brainstorm best ways to increase diagnosis rate in each country

Push for data collection

Facilitate communication between Syngap Advocates around the world.


What we are not

Syngap Global Network is not an organization or foundation. It is a pure and simple collaboration.

Syngap Global Network will not raise money for Syngap since we are not a legal entity. If you wish to donate please reach out to the main contact in your country.

To find information in your country please visit the International Groups tab.

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